My New Toy

My new toy…

no, it’s not a Wii… (people tell me I should want one, but I don’t think so)
no, it’s not a new iPod… (I’m very happy with my “ancient” gum stick iPod)
no, it’s not an iPad… (though THAT is on my Big Wish List – the one that I’ll get if I win the Lottery)
no, it’s not a Dobsonian telescope (also on my Lottery Wish List)
no, it’s not a new dog kennel, agility equipment, ducks or goats
no, it’s not clothing or shoes… (ewwwww, anyway – except for sweatshirts and hiking boots!)
What is it, you ask?
I’m sure it’s on every woman’s wish list…
I’m the proud owner of a new (used) tile saw!
Tile saw.
A saw you cut bathroom tile with?
One of those.
I’m thrilled.
Not only can I supposedly now tile my bathroom, I can also cut my fossils into manageable pieces… their sandstone matrix is softer than tile… and I can also cut deer antlers into buttons or handles.
This afternoon I was set up and ready to go.  There was a stiff breeze though, and I had to weight my table down with 4 gallons of paint!
I played with my fossils first and I had a great time!
Remember my idea for my fossils?
Time to trim them down!
A few seconds later…
The fossil is now the center of attention, you don’t have to search for it!
I had much success with this and was very gung-ho about the whole process.
Unfortunately, I then moved on to tiling my bathroom.
Oh, my.
I think my thin set was too thin.  The tiles kept sliding even though I had them taped in place and the suction was GOOD!  I had placed seven and had to take them down.  Then I had to scrape the wall.  Scrape the tiles.  Wash the tiles.  Decide what to do with my thin set because by then it was starting to dry.  I had mixed too much with too much water.  It was TOTAL FAILURE.  I couldn’t bear to waste the mix, so I hauled it out to my Studio and applied it to the rough shelf on the top of the nestboxes…  It may prevent me from getting a few splinters in the future.  Or it may need to be scraped off and discarded, but I feel I at least tried to use it productively!  Then I spent what felt like a loooong time cleaning up the trowels and buckets and my new saw.
I shall have to try again.
There’s a volunteer out there somewhere!
I’ll cut the tile with my new toy… you stick ’em to the wall!
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