Closed Captioning

Somehow I managed to leave my camera in the pickup which went up the mountain with Daniel today.

That means no tile photos.
I am far from done however, so there is no worry that I’ll miss an “in progress” picture!
I am more successful with my “peanut butter” thin set.  Thanks for all the tips you’ve sent me!
The only difficulty I had today was my decorative tile.  I have little triangles of varying colors creating a thin strip.  They are mounted together in a row of seven.  When you lay them out they are NOT aligned the way I’d like!  I’m going to have to separate them and straighten them out!  I did find three sections that weren’t too bad, but really?  Why put them on those strips if they aren’t straight?  Shees.
My photos for the day can’t be my tiles, so I’ll introduce you to our visitor.
This is Rocky.
<Red eye removal does NOT work on green dog eyes!>
Rocky is visiting us while his owners are on vacation.  Rocky is 95 pounds of young enthusiastic lab-ness.  His owners were hoping I’d “refresh” his training while he’s here.
Today he played fetch, swam in the ditch, and went for a 3.5 mile run.  He’s now sacked out under my computer desk at my feet… the position normally held by Dally or Elsa.  I think he’s tired!
I’m going to be a master of dog juggling before his visit is over… turns out he’s a stud dog, too.
Lucas doesn’t like him.
The girls treat him fair enough… in fact, I was surprised this morning when Dally started playing with him.
My Dally?
Miss Don’t-You-Dare-Come-into-My-Bubble! dog?
As I watched, she fanned her tail in his face and flirted.
The little flirt is coming in heat.
Two studs, and a hussy.
I called her name, and checked her out… she’s just starting.
Rocky made another playful pass by her and Elsa came running!  She lit into Dally and chewed on her muzzle!  Dally couldn’t have flattened herself out anymore unless she melted into a tri-colored puddle!
It was as easy to understand as if there had been CLOSED CAPTIONING written in the sky!
Dally will have to be my shadow from now on… leaving her with one or two studs in the same yard with only a kennel to separate them… is not going to be enough!
If you remember, I had Elsa inside the house and Lucas outside… when they managed to open the door somehow and had their last litter as a result!
The next few days are going to be filled with gathering and weaning our calves… so I can take Dally to the mountain.  Lucas and Rocky will have to alternate the kennel time!
Come on back for cowboy/wildlife/workingdog/scenic photos!
Remember those that died this day, September 11th, 2001.  Never forget.
September 11, 2009  Nine Eleven

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