Character Guarantee

Today’s job was vaccinating the weaned calves.

Today’s job consisted of 3 shots, and some pour on pesticide.
My “shot” actually was 1 cc given up each nostril with a dull plastic attachment on the syringe.
Today’s job is one you *can’t* apply for if:
You value manicures.
Your fancy clothing can’t get stained with “green” (we are talking bovines here), ripped on gates/fences/alleyways, or absorb the “eau d’work” (dust/sweat/manure).
Processes of repetitive nature drive you gaga.
You are frightened by “baby” large animals… who are totally clueless about what a pounding hoof, slinging head, or a quick reverse can do to a homo sapiens.
Neither can you attempt this job if you are in the least bit allergic to calf snot or calf slobbers.
Because I can GUARANTEE that by the end of the day… calf snot will be part of your “character”…
September 14, 2009    Wild Life

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