Rah Rah

Last night heading home… it was easy to see that fall has hit the boxelder trees.

Willow came running over to the road as I drove in…
Look at that!
What ARE those things?
Guess wild turkeys are still enough of a oddity around here that they warranted a close look.
There were 15 hens and one tom.
Good odds…
if you’re the tom…
That’s him in the photo above…
the BIG one with the beard…
Everyone was very busy eating.
It made it hard to get their heads in focus!
I did get video… if you’re interested.
Whether they’re eating weed seeds or grasshoppers…
all I can say is “You go, turkeys!  Rah, rah, siss boom bah!”
Then this morning on my way out…
There they were again.
But this time there were *more* hens, maybe 25, and little babies!
They better grow up fast, winter is a’comin’!
September 18, 2009   Black Dog

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