Town Trips

Another town trip.

Seems like we’ve been going a lot lately.
Going to town just is SUCH a pain.
I could really *really* get to be a hermit sometimes.  I enjoy visiting with people… chatting away… but if I don’t do it for a while, that’s OK too!  Which is good seeing as how it *is* 18 miles to Ten Sleep and 45 miles to Worland!  And with the internet, I have talked to people… either just typing or Skype!
But for some reason, a trip to Worland just takes the entire day.
First of all, ripped jeans and stained t-shirts aren’t my version of “town clothes”.  Honestly, I don’t understand that myself even… half of the people in town are in ripped jeans and stained tshirts…  But I try to look *halfway* decent.
Then, the drive takes pretty much an hour.
Then you eat “out”.  Yes, fast food places are a treat, but Vernon appreciates more sit-down meals…  I don’t really care, so long as I’m not having to cook!
Then you make the loop.  Hardware store, farm store, tractor repair guys, vet, auto parts store.  Oops.  Back to the bank.  Post office.  Then comes the phone call from home… tractor problems.  Can you go *back* to the parts store?
Every place you visit becomes a mini reunion with the owners/employees/friends that are present/working/shopping.  It could have been a dash in and out in under 5 minutes, but there’s your neighbor who moved to town years ago.  There’s the guy that fixes your tractor and does he have tips for the fuel filter problems we seem to be having?  There’s your vet/friend and the stories always flow like a river around him!
The grocery store is always the last place… remember the hour long drive home?  Some day I’m going to volunteer to teach people how to bag groceries… plastic bags are horrid, they don’t contain their contents and squish bread!  Paper bags are shaped and wonderful… unless it’s meat.  Hello, bag boys, just because I said “paper” doesn’t mean you can’t put meat into plastic first.  Bloody bags ruin my car.  And my attitude.  And also, the reason I unloaded all my cold stuff and dairy stuff together was because it helps keep it cold if you put it all in one sack together!  Hello.
DO NOT squish my bread.  Stacking all 6 loaves together will squish it.  Seriously.  An hour’s drive and bumpy roads will squish it.  I know this.  Don’t look at me like that.  I’m not just running home 10 minutes away.
When you load my car… you need to pack around the four wheeler tires, and parts and paint cans and other sacks.  That means planning ahead.  Think about it, kid.  Packs of pop can make their own layer as can the 25# of sugar.  I know most people don’t buy 25# of sugar and flour but I do.  Don’t put tippy bags on top of other things… they won’t stay.  I’ll hit my brakes for a deer or take the cattleguard wrong and that sack will go flying and spill its contents.
Do I ever say this?  Nah.  But, boy, I sure *think* it!
Somehow it’s 5 pm when we get home… if we’re lucky.  If I’m smart I’ve bought something quick for supper… or grabbed a pizza, that is, of course, now mostly cold… but still it’s pizza!
And you know what?  A cold beer sounds really good right about now!
Here’s my group shot of my fossil collection from the other day!
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