Etsy Shop

The beginnings of my Etsy shop are up!

It’s a very slow start, but it IS a start!
You don’t know Etsy?  Etsy is the online market place for vintage items (older than 20 years) and handmade items.  Since I took the photos, and self published the book, I guess I qualify for “handmade”.  (yes, I am also older than 20 years… why do you ask?)
To top the list, of course, is Red Dirt in My Soul, my children’s book.  (and oddly enough is what I entitled my Etsy Shop)
Most of you are familiar with it, and you can always go here to listen to the boys read it at our Centennial party.
My other choices to post were two of my pen and ink cards.
I used to travel to a few craft shows, selling my cards, creating custom ones on order, and even airbrushing a few on site to add some color!  I used to call my booth, GREET CARDS.
Yes, I had to explain to multiple people why it was GREET and not GREETING.  “Because my last name is Greet, NOT Greeting.”
“Huh?”  would usually be the reply.
I’d explain more fully and sllllloooooooowerrrrr.
I have more card designs.
But started with these.

I’ll post a few different ones each week.
Then I’ll move to some of my craft items…
Then maybe my calendars and individual photos.
I have requests (already!!!) for welded birds…
Deer antler handles seem popular…
You know me, as I create, so now shall I also post on my Etsy Shop!
If you have requests… share them… and I’ll see what I can do!
I’ll also make a link on this page to the shop… as soon as I can figure out HOW!!! ugh.
September 26, 2009   Boys Interrupted

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