Short Segments


I honestly thought I’d feel better today, but I don’t.
I’m even taking pain meds, which help for a bit…
Then some ice.
Then some heat.
I actually passed on the riding today, something I don’t think I’ve missed since I was pregnant!
I’ve mentally trashed my trip to the dog clinic in Cody tomorrow.  A big disappointment to me.  If I had a chauffeur maybe… but I don’t.
Sitting in this chair is about the worst.
Therefore, I didn’t put the slideshow together like I thought I would.
I feel really bad about that, so tomorrow I’ll try to make it in small installments.  Five or ten minutes of sitting upright is all I want, so I’ll either get tough or divide it out.
I imagine I’ll divide it out!
The guys did get the cows off the mountain… though I guess they slowed down once they got in fresh feed.  It’s probably a very good thing I didn’t try to go!
I might have a different table I can put my computer on as well, so tomorrow I’ll experiment and heal and work in short segments.
Today, another picture in the aspens… Daniel and his little bunch…

October 2, 2010   These Busy Days

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