The Bidding Starts NOW

OK, folks!

I have my senses <such as they are> about me tonight…
So… here’s my challenge for YOU, my Readers.
*I believe there is an interest in Blogland for western artwork.
*I am perennially a supporter of both the Ten Sleep Library and Ten Sleep Ambulance.
This weekend is the biggest fundraiser for those organizations, and I decided I would combine these two facts.
I have created three watercolors from three photographs I took during the Ten Sleep Fourth of July Rodeo.  They are 8″x10″ and on mediumweight cold pressed watercolor paper.  They are done in a sepia brown tone.  They will be in a brown metallic frame for easy transport and care.  Feel free to mat and frame them in deluxe style once you’ve won the bidding!  I will cover the postage to you and your *entire bid* will be donated in your name to the ORGANIZATION OF YOUR CHOICE.  Bid $50 and request it go to the ambulance… I’ll send your check to D.  Choose the library to receive your $70 bid and K. gets your check.
I think so!
Here’s the first watercolor.  Let’s call it WATERCOLOR A…  Looky looky!  It’s our “local boy” C!  Up and coming bronc rider, and sweet tough guy.  <Sorry, lost my head there for a bit.>  Family and friends, step up and BID!
Here’s WATERCOLOR B… A stout paint horse gives this cowboy a challenge!  Step right up and toss out a bid!
Last of the set… WATERCOLOR C is an action shot!  The cowboy is unseated and will soon land in a heap in front of this bald faced bronc while the judge looks on!  It’s BRONC 1 / COWBOY 0!!!! … Place your bid and send some numbers to the library or ambulance!
I’m starting the bids off at $10 each.  If no one bids… I’ll send $10 in myself!
In the Comment section…
* Tell which watercolor you are bidding on, either A, B, or C.
* Tell your bid amount (US dollars).
* Check back often to this entry to see if you’ve been outbid!  If so, enter a new bid!  Let’s see how far you can take this!
* All bidding ends October 20, 2010 at midnight Mountain time.
* Winning bidders will be praised and thanked for their generosity in the extreme! and announced October 21, 2010.
Let’s see if we can pull in some great amounts for good causes!
The bidding starts NOW!
October 15, 2009  We Know Wapiti

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