So Stoked

I have a fondness for old wood stoves.

You know that.
I’ve written about it before.
But this story is about a “new-to-me” wood stove.
This is hunting season around here and usually hunters bring us gifts.
We’ve received 20# of gummy bears and Denver Bronco memorabilia and rifles and apples and cheesecheesecheese and 50# of potatoes and 50# of onions.  I am SO bummed the guy didn’t bring me the onions this year… but he brought me something else even cooler.
I should say, because “cool” is not quite right.
One of our hunters brought me this stove.
Now he says they’re fairly common in Wisconsin… but I’ve never seen the like before here in Wyoming.  He used a wire wheel on all its parts… and then coated it in new black stuff.  I can buff it if I want to and put a shine on it.  If you swing the finial out of the way, you can put your teapot on the top.
I just giggled when it was all set up!
This is no tiny stove, this is five feet of cast iron beauty!
I think it’s a 1917 model.
He put new mica in the door and urged me to build *little* fires in this thing… it evidently works quite well!
I’m so stoked!!!
<there I go again, cracking myself up!>
24 hours left on the bidding for the watercolors!

October 19, 2009   Wild Wild West

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