Sunset Angles

The first rain we’ve had in a Long Time started about 2 am… and the wind blew…  and I laid in bed thinking I’d wake to a snowy blanket over my leaves.

It was cool and damp and still windy, but no snow down here.
Now on the mountaintops, yes!
Rumor has it there was almost a foot on Powder River Pass… and Daniel went up the mountain looking for his Big Buck, and said there was a few inches in our pasture.
The weather continued to be erratic throughout the day.
Blue sky in the distance.
Sunshine through clouds.
Snow showers on the upper reaches of the Big Horns.
My favorite shade of blue/grey clouds skidding overhead.
Then this afternoon…

Gropple and thunder!
High winds!
The dogs came running to the house for protection.
By the time I headed to a meeting in Ten Sleep, the light filtering through the clouds in sunset angles was fantastic.
I had left my camera at home.
The good news is Panasonic is sending me ANOTHER pocket camera… they won’t give me any money back, but evidently they will keep mailing ones to me… this time it’s this one.

Brand new.
Not rebuilt.
Not refurbished.
I think they need to hire me to test cameras for them!
But when it comes, it’ll go in my pocket…
and I won’t miss getting you sunset angles again!
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