Water is Flowing

It’s that time of year…

Snow has fallen on the mountaintops.
Drifts lay across the roads.
Any cattle left up high are finding their own ways down the mountain… or cowboys are bundling up and riding in the snow.
Been there.
Done that.
Our cattle are halfway down the mountain in our Mesa pasture… but even then… they’re too high.
We’ll bring them down in the next few days.
Judy had a comment yesterday that was a very very good question! “My question is this … if I’m driving down the road and come upon sheep or cattle being herded down the stock trail … what is the proper thing for me to do? Should I sit and wait it out? Or should I drive carefully through?”
Judy, as you approach the herd, watch to see what they’re doing… if they are moving in one direction, just drive slowly through the bunch, and weaving from lane to lane is allowed (unless there’s oncoming traffic!).  Just go slow… DON’T HONK YOUR HORN!  If something isn’t moving out of your way, roll down your window and “shshhshshhsh” at them!  If, however, the herd and cowboys are moving through a gate off the stock trail… just wait.  Driving through now will mess up the turn, and a little patience will gain you a wave from some rancher as they get their livestock off the highway!
Where are the livestock headed now?  Well, with us, it’s to BLM land.
That’s Bureau of Land Management for those of you who live outside of the western half of the U.S.  The BLM is one of the largest landowners in the West… and they lease grazing rights to ranches.
In our allotment, we’ve been checking the water pipeline for the past few weeks.  Seeing if the spring is running good enough.  Checking the inflow to the storage tank.  Looking for leaks when the water isn’t coming through like it should.
Years ago we laid miles and miles and miles of pipeline in cooperation with the BLM.
The water benefits wildlife plus it keeps the cattle spread out and utilizing more grass.
*If* the pipeline is working.
However, we had a leak.  The guys found it yesterday morning… and I went with them in the afternoon.  (OOOH!  Look at that snow!)
One of the best things Vernon ever bought was this little Yanmar excavator.
Though it’s a pain to haul out… the amount of time and labor it saves is incredible.  Digging with a shovel, looking for a leak in muddy soil, was not fun.  Now, it’s a relatively easy job.
Daniel’s learning all about it.
It’s not as deep as they expected…
But the leak is found… a section is replaced…
The pipeline is back in business.
Water is flowing into tanks…
and life is good once again.
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