Heaven Forbid!


If I buy 48# of cucumbers again… please shoot me.
After making applesauce with friends until 11 pm one night, I spent the next day making sweet pickle relish.  Eleven pints.  Can I really use eleven pints in a year?  That’s lots of hot dogs and potato salad and tuna salad…
I then ran out of enough onions and green peppers to continue with that recipe, so I switched to dill pickles.
I made 14 *quarts* of dill pickles today.
I ran out of dill.
My hands burned for hours from the hot peppers I add to spice them up… duh.
Dumb move.
I *still* had more cukes.
We had a cucumber/tomato/onion/Italian dressing salad with supper.
We’re having cucumbers in sour cream tomorrow.
We’re having cucumbers in rice vinegar the day after.
We’re going to have cucumber sandwiches cut into little tiny squares next.  I’m going to cut the crust off the bread.  We’re going to hold our pinkies high and drink some tea with cream and sugar.
That is, right after I make them scrub the imbedded grease off their pinkies… paying close attention to their fingernails.  That’s just gross.
Part of this story is untrue.
Part if it isn’t.
You figure it out.
Then shoot me.
We did NOT cowboy today.
I made pickles.
I also spent time on the computer while waiting for things to boil… I spent time working on my upcoming Red Dirt In My Soul shop, where you can buy items straight from this blog… no Etsy involved!
We will not cowboy tomorrow… we will VOTE!
We will cowboy Wednesday.
Just in case you thought this was turning into a Betty Crocker cooking blog…
Heaven forbid!
November 1, 2009   Living the Dream

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