It’s… Green!

Well, the snow hasn’t hit yet, and the Riverton Weather radar is down… so I don’t have precision radar… but I guess it is due sometime tonight.

After riding yesterday BY MYSELF IN GORGEOUS WEATHER WITH JUST DALLY (and some ornery 3 year old cows)… snow and low temps will be hard to adjust to!
I know…
Quit whining.
It’s not like it’ll be 20 degrees for the next 5 months!
Yes, I spent 5 hours horseback yesterday.
About 5 minutes after I took my camera out, the battery died.  I evidently nudged it on earlier and it’d probably been on for a while.  Oops.
Today, I spent my time on the Mills Place.
This last tile… the one with holes for the tub spout and one faucet?  It’s been giving us FITS!!!  We’ve broken more than one tile, tried to get others to do it for us, and had no success.  The tile store in Worland let me borrow one of their used bits, but before he tried it, Vernon decided to try his little grinding wheel.  It worked.
But not really.
He ended up breaking that tile too, but we decided to cheat and epoxy that sucker back together.
Our frustration level is just too high nowadays.
Unfortunately, I did a B- job on the gluing.  I don’t care. I’m really to that point.  That bathroom should have been done months ago.
I let the epoxy dry for 24 hours and today I slapped the last tiles on the wall and I’ve called it good.
You’re welcome to come and notice it, I will every time I take a shower… but I made my choice of lower quality just to get the job done!  ARGH!
It shouldn’t have been such a hard job.
Tomorrow, if it works out, will be grout day!
Here’s a few more things about the Mills Place you haven’t seen yet.
New vinyl tile from my dining room through the hallway and into the bathroom.
It’s not glued down yet, just cut out.
I like it!
Then there’s this…
The master bedroom as it was once… It was actually half blue and half white.
They had started painting it and then quit.
And now…
It’s willow green.  With beige and maroon and a smidge of orangish color.
It’s gonna be great!
Can you see those shades in this pic of the willows?
Ah… willows.
Nestled quietly in the shadows of the willows…
the Willow Fairy dips her toes in the coolness of the creek.

  (From Cicely Mary Barker)

The bestest bestest Girl Scout event I ever put on, was a Flower Fairy event for Brownies.
And I…
I was the Willow Fairy.
I fell out of a Willow tree when I was five.  Scared my Mom to death.
Blue Willow was a favorite children’s book of mine.
I once passed on a full set of Blue Willow ware because my head overruled my heart.  I’ve regretted it ever since… even though now, blue Oriental styled plates would be totally out of place amongst my other belongings!
My old horse’s name is Red Willow Dancer.
I live where Willow Creek flows into the Nowood.
willow finds its way into my life!
It’s strong.
It’s flexible.
(Ah, Scotty…)
Oddly enough, I had no November 8th entries in either 2009 or 2008!

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