All the Miscellany

There’re a few little things I’d like to get out of the way…
First, there’s my level of stupidity about all things Photoshop-ish and even Word-ish.  I’ve been working on a new logo for RDimS… since I’m too cheap to have my local printer do it, I came up with this:
Look closely.  Since I *always* forget how to merge/flatten/group or whatever I’m supposed to do… I thought I’d be smart and just take a screen shot of my logo, put it back into Word and print off new address labels and some business cards.
So I did.
The screen shot captured the little squiggles that Word places under bad spelling/grammar.
So… since I’m so cheap I’m going to go ahead and use them, but now you know if you order anything from me, for a bit they’ll have little squiggles under the words until Victoria comes and fixes them for me!
I just felt like being honest…
Second, I was going to do a blog or two about my son-in-law Matt and his elk hunting/guiding that he does… but now hunting season is over and I never could figure out how to get my computer to read his movies he burned for me… Somehow, they couldn’t read each other and so I missed my chance.  But!  ta-da! he posted one of his videos to Youtube, so I have to put it up, just because it is so stinking COOL!
Matt’s standing in the open, camo’d up, of course, but he calls this one bull in and you can tell it’s RIGHT THERE… I MEAN *RIGHT THERE*!  That is way cool!  Lucky for the elk, they had already filled their licenses…
Third, since RDimS is on Facebook now… I thought I’d give Facecreepers a little extra something.  I hope to post some older digital photos… starting about 2002.  I’m putting in some scenery, kids, cattle, hobbies… just the standard stuff, but definitely not current, like this blog has.  If you like the photos here, you might want to swing by the Facebook page and see some other photos… hopefully one a day!
Fourth, one of my photos from this spring has a special honor.  I used it in my calendar… and submitted it to Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine for kicks and giggles.  I never won any of their contests, but they contacted me for its use in a special way… You have to watch until the end… but my red bluff and yucca photo is in this slide show!  Yes, this is a brag…
That’s it for now…
Just had to catch up on all the miscellany of my life!
November 18, 2008   Spurs

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