Some of you did it!

You told the world why you are Ag Proud and why you want to give #foodthanks this Thanksgiving!

Thank you so much for supporting and thanking the agricultural industries that make our food plentiful, safe, and healthy.

Here are the comments from yesterday’s #foodthanks blog.

I am thankful for family and friends. I am thankful for a full freezer of beef, pork, chicken and turkey raised on a friends farm. I am thankful for returning health.  Kathi

I am so thankful for family farmers/ranchers producing healthy meats so one doesn’t need to resort to vegetarianism in order to take a stand for healthy food and against the cruelty involved in factory farming (yep, I describe my actions in the 80’s when we didn’t have this choice, or at least didn’t know about it).  Krystal

I am definitely AGPROUD! 100% Ohio Farmer – raising corn, beans, hay, wheat, beef, pork, goats milk & eggs. We are thankful to be farmers, working closely with God & the land we love. My two sons want to farm also. Oh, and I can’t forget ES & horses.  Melanie

We are Ag Proud! Proud to be able to provide healthy humanely raised food to family and friends. Proud to be good stewards of the land. Proud to be able to grow some of our food ourselves, and donate our excess to others who don’t have enough. Proud to educate people about where food comes from. Proud to have sons who are growing up identifying themselves as “farmers”.  Kris

My brothers grew up working on a friend’s farm. For many years, we reaped the benefits…healthy, local food, for which I’m thankful. In addition to that, my family always had a large garden. I’m thankful for the farmers that are still around since it’s getting harder for small farms to continue.  Alice

I am agproud to be working in a grocery store dedicated to providing people the opportunity to purchase organic and/or humanely raised food items of all kinds. Thank you!  Penny

And here, wonder of wonders, is my first guest blog.

I was very happy to do this, and want to thank Ryan for his request!

Today was another “Town Day”…

but I did manage to take a photo today…

A band of sheep were being trailed down my highway… with 2 LGDs and 2 burros for protection…  This little guy actually posed for me!



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