Hair Loss

I guess it’s probably good to fend off impending Alzheimer’s…

but don’t let anyone kid you…
setting up a blog store is painful for your brain.
I’d rather try my hand at crossword puzzles or jigsaw puzzles or sudoku.
Or crafts.
Or remodeling.
Or photography.
Or cowboying.
Or reading.
Or… well… you get the idea.
Fitting photos into the sidebar widgets… linking to the store… and most of all, SHIPPING!  My goodness, USPS, shipping is NOT easy.  I don’t care what your commercial says.  I’ve tried to just limit it to Flat Rate boxes… but we’ll see what it tries to do.  If you have problems, please contact me and I’ll try to resolve it.  Last time I called GoDaddy, it took them an hour to fix it… and it wasn’t something I did!
So, all this hair pulling means, yes, I’m selling a calendar again!
I think…
I hope…
See, I took my photos in a long time ago… and I took it to my friends at the local print shop… You know, trying to support the local guys?  Cheaper and all that as well… but I STILL don’t have them in hand.  I’m about to go insane.  I was supposed to receive pdfs today so I could share them with you… and I didn’t get them either.  I don’t exactly order 5,000 though… and the guy doing the layout is also an EMT and does all the ambulance calls.  The one day I was supposed to talk to him, he had three calls.
I can’t get mad at him, he’s my friend, he’s doing good work, and he’s also the supervisor for the Ten Sleep ambulance!  I’m just trying to tell you… I know I’ve promised some of you the calendar before this… but these are the facts of life.
Then someone mentioned that I should sell something else as well… that so many people don’t buy actual calendars anymore… too many iPads and computers and Blackberries around… so I thought I’d ask first.
Is anyone interested in
1) a 15 ounce collage mug with 12 images on it,
2) a high resolution cd with 30 images on it for use as a screen saver?
These would be the same images I chose for my calendar.
In fact, the mug photos would look like this…
Plus, I’m frustrated my favorite quality place doesn’t cut a deal on quantity… and so, are you willing to pay $18 + shipping for a large coffee mug?  I can find a few places cheaper, but the mugs look cheaper too.
Then, it’d be $7.50 + shipping for the 30 photos I used in the calendar… but they’d be high resolution ones to upload for a screen saver or desktop backgrounds… much better than the 72 dpi ones you’ve been using already!
any photo of mine that you just LOVE!!!!!!!… will be available for purchase!  Professionally printed on high quality paper with matte finish… I’ll even autograph them for you!  I’ll fix my shop soon… but keep in mind the prices will be $16 for 5×7, $29 for 8×10, and $41 for 11×14, plus shipping!  Once I figure that out… I’ll be back in my shop posting it!  That gives you a bit of time to browse back and find your favorite photos and put them on your Christmas list!
Oh, yeah, and some children’s book called Red Dirt In My Soul is available on my Etsy shop… and I’ll add it to this one too…
Now that my hair loss is almost complete… I think we’ll go forward.
So here’s your chance…
If you want some Red Dirt in YOUR Soul… now’s your chance!
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