Short and Sweet

Today was our turn at checking the pipeline… and I would have gone along for the ride… but instead I chose to use the day crafting.  I am helping with a new project for the library, and have a deadline for creating my donations.

Don’t worry… photos will appear.
But after spending *another* day inside… I needed a break.
After layering up… and tossing a “Let’s go!” to the dogs… I headed out into the snowfall.
Not much was falling… but enough to give Boomer a case of dandruff.
The creek is starting to freeze over… and Boomer walks cautiously on the ice.
I watched him carefully.
I wanted to see if he’d get a drink from the edge, but he seemed to know he shouldn’t go out on the edge.  The water is only 6″ deep right here, but he didn’t risk breaking through nevertheless.
Lucas fogs up my lens as I went for his closeup!
I decided to go for the self portrait instead.  Dally always looks like she’s just been beat!… she’s not a big camera fan!  Lucas, yeah, he’s happy whenever wherever I am!
It was a short walk… but sweet… and we all blew off some steam!  It’s good to refresh the air in my lungs!
Note: Part Two of the saddle blanket instructions is posted!
Don’t forget my calendars are coming this week… I’ve been promised!
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