Two Reasons

You asked for it, so here it is…

I can’t take credit for the design of the paperback book wreath… although I did add my two cents worth!  Here’s the link to Living With Lindsay where I found this cool idea!  She says “Librarians, Please Avert Your Eyes”… but it seems to me, with the reactions here and the ones I received at the library, that it is *those* people that LOVE books that also LOVE the wreath!  Plus, we’re the ones with tons of extra old paperbacks hanging around everywhere!
I used gold paint instead of her brown or grey she recommends.  She varied the fold of her sections, I was consistent, folding mine in quarters.  I used two pages at a time, slightly offset.  I also used every bit of two books!  My wreath was straw and not styrofoam.
She gives great instruction and even has a video of how to create the wreath.
If any of you make one of these wreaths, send me your photo, and I’ll post them on my blog!
I also received my pdfs of my calendar… so that means they’ll probably print it tomorrow.  It looks good from here!  Those of you who have ordered, I’ll get your orders straightened out and in the mail at the end of the week!
It’s been a long process!  Thanks so much for your patience and understanding.
Here’s a peek at the cover…

I’ll sort out the rest of the months and share more later…
I’ve painted up at the Mills Place today and my shoulder is sore… so I’m going to bed EARLY tonight!
There ya go, folks!  Two reasons to be happy for the start of December!
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