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I haven’t heard from any of you about your attempts at making a wool saddle pad… Is anyone besides me making one of these?  I’ve just been referring everyone to the posts at “Just Another Day On the Prairie” instead of redoing all of her instructions and work.  No need to reinvent the wheel… but I figured I could at least share pics of my progress.  I’ve got the first round done… and now I think it’ll get trickier, avoiding hooking what’s already been completed.

It didn’t take too long to get the hang of it, but we’ll see how it continues…
A closeup of the top shows the twist that seems to happen…
But the bottom side somehow is even and regular.  I didn’t even try to do that.
<doodoodoodoo… twilightzone music plays>
We needed to help out a neighbor by splitting just a tad bit of wood.  That’s one of my favorite chores, so I jumped in and went with the guys.
I have to be honest here.
I now have logsplitter envy.
It’s powerful and long, sleek and shiny.
Just a touch and whoosh! split in two!
Seriously, look at this machine!
I’ve always been thrilled with my log splitter.  Uncle A. gave it to us many moons ago… and I do… I love it.  I can be out there for hours if there’s enough logs sawed… but wow.
This, though… this is the next level.  I never knew there was another level!  I’ve been happy with mine, now… the lust has settled in!
It is so low to the ground, there’s not a lot of lifting like with mine.
It is COOL!
Well, we finished up…
and then the guys decided to go from working to playing.
A friend of Daniel’s joined in the fun…
and off they went!
I went to the Mills house where it was warm… and I painted and played… and left the boys with their toys.
December 5, 2009   HappyDance
December 5, 2008   Therapy Dog

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