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The library was packed again tonight for another fundraiser.  They really only have a few each year, but it seems like more because they are so close together.

I haven’t made this Open House/Silent Auction Fundraiser lately because I’ve been going to the sale barn in Riverton with the guys.  I signed up to bring the wassail, though, so that trumped a trip to the sale barn and sitting there all day.  Guess the guys had fun…
It was packed tonight… with 70-80 people there.  A good turnout for a town with a population of 300.  And the library is small since Bill Gates/Oprah/Warren Buffet haven’t built us a new one… so 70-80 people is GREAT!
We serve wassail and water, and cookies and goodies galore.
Items are donated by generous patrons and bid sheets are placed around.  So you grab a cookie, go bid up someone by a dollar or two… get a cup of wassail, visit with friends you haven’t seen for a while… and wander back to see if anyone has upped your bid.
It’s fun.
See what I bought????  What a surprise, huh?  It might find a home in my bathroom!
I fell out of the bidding about halfway on this one…
And I didn’t get this one either…
Ahh, well… the point is to have fun, and make a donation on the side!
My paperback wreath brought $20.00 and lots of comments!
When was the last time you went to your library???
Q& A Session on Thursday… send your questions in the comment section!
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