Big Reward

I’m very excited!  I’ve been working on details in the bathroom… sealing the grout, caulking, lining cabinets, and working on wood trim.  Again, nothing much to share, but exciting enough to me to think I could take a REAL shower in my new bathroom in a few days!  I ran out of caulk with 6″ left on the back wall, plus around the outside… so until I can get to town and buy a new tube, I’m on hold with that project.  But wow!

Then I’ve got news my new stove and dishwasher will be delivered next week.  Daniel is due to bring me my mom’s refrigerator from Casper on Sunday.
I could actually make Christmas cookies in my new kitchen!
That is just amazing to me!
I helped the guys out a bit as well…
We trailed our replacements back home from the Mills place.  Eighty heifers eat a fair amount and they’ve skimmed down enough up there, and we’ll put them in a little unused brushy pasture for a bit… we’ll let them clean that up next!
I had the option… ride or flag… I chose the easy job of flagging!
It’s a 50-50 deal.
You can be in front or behind the herd… you just hope you’ve chosen the right side to slow traffic down!  If people are paying attention, they’ll figure out they’re following a herd… think on that a bit… 😉 So I went first in the pickup with flashers on.
I pull the pickup and horsetrailer as far off the road as I can, and with snow off the side of the road, it’s not far! I make sure I’m in a good spot to let traffic go around without leaving them in a blind spot where they could have a head-on with oncoming traffic.  And I park.  And pull out a book.  And keep an eye on the rear view mirror.
As the herd gets closer, I’ll start up the truck and move to the next place… giving them enough space for traffic to see me and slow down for them.
Sure enough, here comes a semi with a load of hay, and when he sees me he starts catching gears, and by the time he’s to the herd, he’s at a crawl.  People, cattle, and horses have been injured or killed this way… so while I feel like I’m shirking *realwork*, I know what I do is important in its own way.
Daniel kicks them off the highway…
and they’re through the gate and on home ground.
My job is finished… we don’t have much traffic on our own road… so I steer through and around and let the guys handle the rest without me.
The completion of jobs is a big reward in itself… completing all these smaller jobs makes me anxious for the final leg of the Mills Place Remodel!
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