Icy Coolness!

We’ve managed to get 6 inches of snow out of this storm… and it’s currently 2 degrees… with predicted winds.  When those winds hit, it’ll be NASTY!

Yesterday high winds were hitting all over the state, blowing semis over and off the roads… drifting snow over the roads and turning them to ice.  Wind gusts in Casper were hitting 60 mph.  Not unusual… but still disagreeable.  Thankfully we don’t live in the wind corridors!
Nevertheless, tomorrow may be UUUUUUGGLYYYYYYYYYY!
To balance that ugliness… I’ll share the REALLYREALLYREALLY  cool ice photos I’ve taken these past two weeks.
I was going to title them…
but have decided to leave that up to you…
If you have ‘cool’ themes/titles/descriptions for any or all of these photos… leave ’em in the comments section!
Couldn’t make up my mind with these either… which is best, the silvery mercury shadow in the light water or the dark?
Name ’em… let’s see your creativity!
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