Hey, Lookie, Lookie!

Been meaning to have a day I could post these…

My appliances in my new kitchen!
Now if you’ve been a follower for a while…
you know we’ve been remodeling this kitchen for two years as of Thanksgiving.
With the installation of my new appliances, we’re just a smidge from being finished!
The little 12″ cabinet next to the stove needs a “countertop”… and things need cleaned up, a little curtain needs to be hung… and the kitchen will be ready for food and spices and pots and pans and US!
First meet my new stove.
It comes with 5 burners, quick boil, griddle, 3 oven racks, and off/on convection!

Ain’t she purty?
I am excited!
Then there’s my mom’s HUMONGOUS refrigerator…
This will hold branding dinners and Thanksgiving/Christmas dinners!
Brandon’s meager supplies look pitiful inside this TANK!
The dishwasher is installed too…
LOOKIE, LOOKIE! from this to this…
In only two years!
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