A New Craft Support Group Part B

We started this little adventure in November.

Preparing for Christmas presents, remember?
Well, it’s come and gone…
as well as Vernon’s birthday on the first…
and as usual…
I’m still not finished!
I figured I’d share anyway.
I only work on it when I sit down in front of the TV… and after a bit I take a break to move around and wiggle my fingers… and sometimes I forget to pick it back up!
Thankfully, Vernon is patient…
and the box takes up a big corner in my living room…
so he can’t help but see my slow progress!
The grey roving is still attached… it is LARGE!
The white is half as thick, so I have to double it.  The small tufts of white scattered around are the tails I’ve pulled up in order to anchor the ends.
The thickness, cushiness (is that a real word?), and softness is just remarkable!  It’s going to be SOOOOOOOO amazing when it’s finished.
Of course, I had to attempt an A bar A in the corner…
It is only apparent on one side.
If it fails and turns into a blob… he can turn it over and just have a blank grey corner.
So, for those of you out there who were going to attempt this new craft, please share your pictures of your saddle blanket!
It’s Q&A time again!
Post your questions in the comment section for Tuesday’s Answers!
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