Fair Weather Cowgirl

We’ve received 10″ of snow with this storm, more than we’ve had for quite a while!  4″-5″ were predicted, so when it dumped this on us, we were surprised!

It is very light and fluffy… even my snowshoes yesterday didn’t make much of a difference!
Since we were due to bring our cows in from the badlands this next weekend, today Vernon decided to go to “our” corner gate, and turn our cows through.  We just KNEW they’d be standing there, quietly begging to come home to hay… we’ve been kicking them back OFF that gate for the past two weeks!
Vernon and Daniel saddle up.
“Do you want to ride?”
“Do you need me to?”
“I don’t care… do you want to?”
“Uhhh… Well.  If you don’t care… yes, I’d prefer to be a fair weather cowboy.”
Or something like that.
That means I got to drive the pickup and horsetrailer… where it’s warm.
10″ of snow and 7 degrees with just the slightest breeze makes for VERY cold riding in my book.  I can freeze into a popsicle sitting here at my desk!
We load up and head out…
At the gate, we unload the horses.
No stupid cows in sight.
That really is a GOOD thing… and that is what we get for trying to predict cattle behavior…
Daniel heads down the fenceline.  Vernon cuts off to ride down the ridge.
As I zoom in on Vernon, I realize… it could be a LONG wait for them to get back with the cows.
I stepped out the door without grabbing my book WHICH I HAD LEFT RIGHT THERE ON THE TABLE, SO I *COULD* GRAB IT.  <rats>
Lucas and Dally and I take a few pictures… and walk a little… but the breeze is chilling my face, so I return to the pickup and grab the binoculars.  I’m gonna scope out the hills where we’ve seen those big bull elk!
About that time, Johnny unexpectedly shows up in his pickup.  I jump in with him, and leave my dogs and pickup behind.
We drive down and across Buffalo Creek, where, come to find out, are many of our cows.
That’s what those little black dots are!  We are now looking back towards the gate and *my* pickup.  Johnny sends Sam on a few outruns and before we know it, the majority of cows are heading towards the gate.
Atta, girls!
The guys cut out a few neighbors’ cows and we’re through the gate and headed home.  Vernon counts ’em through, and down into Bruner Draw we go.
Vernon is off and walking… a sure sign he’s chilled!  I crank up the heat and snicker at Dave Ramsey’s radio show… and I am thrilled I get to be a Fair Weather Cowgirl!
My favorite of the day?
Vernon and the Brown Horse chugging through the snow!
This is the last night to pose any questions for this month’s Q&A Session.  I’ve posted all the other Q&A’s on the left sidebar… unfortunately, the computer alphabetized them instead of leaving them in calendar order!
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