Questions and Answers – January 2011 Edition

belle wrote:
i am thinking i may have caused you some concern last time with my “like to meet ya – buy a cup of coffee of tea” invite.

Belle, No, it was a wonderful invitation… but, honestly, I DON”T go anywhere!  I need to go see my brother and sister-in-law one of these days… but I can’t seem to manage even that!

Lynn wrote:
Dally looks beautiful in the snow! Speaking of Dally, how’s the search for a “puppy daddy” coming along?

Lynn, Puppy Daddy is going nowhere because I’m forgetful.  I have a phone number… just need to remember to call!

Judy wrote:
How is Lucas’ foot coming along? Do you still have to cover it for long walks?

Judy, if I wasn’t so stupid, he’d be all healed up. I had him healed up, then thinking with all this snow, he’d be OK without a foot wrap, I let him go a few days.  He wore it all back off AGAIN.  I shouldn’t be so stupid.  He will just have to wear a boot forever.  And if I ever remember, I’m going to order a CASE of 3M Vet Wrap, so I won’t run out for a LOOOOOONG time!

Alice wrote:
I love music & couldn’t live without it. How many radio stations can you get (without having XM, Sirius or HD radio)? What types of music do you like (do you even like music)?

Alice, we get a few… it depends on where we are and the weather conditions, on how well they come in and last!  My favorite is KWRR, which is off of the Wind River Indian Reservation.  They’ll play an entire album or jump from the Beatles to Garth Brooks to Hank Williams to the Eagles to Chris LeDoux!  Half the time it is just powwow music though, so half the time, I don’t listen to it!  We did have Sirius radio for a while… and loved it… but then we got too cheap!  If we’re around inside, we have music going!  No surprise that we love country music (however we’re not fans of the more popular artists like Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood and Rascal Flatts. ish)  We do like Texas country music (Derryl Dodd, Casey Donahew Band) and unique singers like Shane Yellowbird, whose CD I received for Christmas!  I also like my old classic rock and roll, John Denver, that era of music… I have a mishmash of music from Celtic to Cowboy to folk to instrumentals to gospel to Susan Boyle!  I’ll listen to anything once… except maybe opera and rap!  My favorite?  Pandora and my Derryl Dodd station.  I desperately need a new stereo setup… and I’m finding it hard to find something that’ll play CDs, cassettes, and mp3s without costing $300.  <sigh>

Judy Keith wrote:
Do you bring your horses into a barn or shelter during bad weather or leave them out? I’ve noticed alot of horses standing out in the wind and snow in Wyoming. Being from Alabama where we “tuck” our horses in every night, I’m a bit curious about this.

Judy, nope.  We supply them with plenty of food and access to “shelter” like windbreaks or willows… and they seem to be pretty happy.  There’s no way we could fit all 11 horses in our barn.  They get a really good hair coat by themselves!

Grace wrote: I’m sure that living in a rural area must create problems sometimes. How often do you go to town to buy groceries, go shopping, etc? Did you homeschool your kids?

Grace, I would much rather live out here than in a city, that’s for sure! so I don’t know what you’d consider a “problem” out here!  I don’t like to shop for fun very often (an occasional spin through an antique store is a good time tho!) unfortunately, I go to town much more often than I want to… I would like to go every 3 weeks, but often have to go every week.  Yuk.  I’m not a big shopper otherwise, so a trip to Casper or Cody is maybe once every 3 or 4 months… depending… Buying stuff off the internet is great!  I did not homeschool my kids.  I’m not a big fan of homeschooling.  I’ve probably just lost some readers… sorry.  Please do not try to change my mind, you won’t succeed.  Let’s just agree to disagree!

Krystal wrote:

So for my question, we have 6 head of cattle to transport from MO and AR to WA in April (3 yearlings and 3- 2 yr. olds). Any suggestions on who to hire? Or if we do it ourselves, is it possible to rent a stock trailer?

Krystal, I do know there are livestock haulers out there, because I’ve called them about hauling puppies!  They’ll often take dogs as well, because they have lots of room!  Google livestock or custom horse haulers and you’ll find some.  I’ve never used them, but I have heard good things… As far as renting a trailer?  I’d contact your local dealer and ask!  Everyone around here has a trailer, so this is something I’m not really up on!  Good luck!

Thanks for all the great questions!

Pics for the day…

Elsa Top View (on my snowshoes):


Elsa Front View:


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