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We were away from the place today.  We made a mad dash to Montana to pick up a new flat bed trailer… one that the guys hope to create a bale feeder from.
Now, it takes almost 4 hours to get there… and it’s just outside of Billings.  Billings!  Billings is huge anymore, well, huge according to our standards!  It has boomed and boomed, changing drastically from the way it looked the first time I saw it (which was in 1981 on my honeymoon!)
We flew into Sofa Mart… just to see what they had.  I’d already looked online, but you have to SIT in them to test them.  They had push button recliners.  Recliners with a motor!  I could see this was a match made in heaven, Vernon loves to push buttons.  Back and forth.  Back and forth.  Up down.  Up down.  I asked how long the motors last and what it costs to replace them!  and if the electricity is off… yes, you’re out of luck!  Or stuck in a reclined or upright position…  It was a close call… but we left with no couch.
So, we have a little extra time… would I like to do anything?  Uh, yeah.  I chose one store… Target.  I’ve been window shopping online (is that technically monitor shopping?) and I had a feeling that Target would have the kind of things I’d been looking for… a new bedspread, bathroom organizers, valances, shades, baskets, silverware/knife holders, lazy susans, just cool stuff.  I point the guys in the right direction (although I haven’t been there in a LONNNG time, I found it!)
They debated entering with me or just waiting in the pickup.  Since it was 22 degrees, they followed me inside.  And they followed me.  They didn’t leave to go check out anything else… they followed.
I’m sorry, but I prefer to shop alone.  Especially if you have no opinion on which color is better, which would be best, or any other question I might pose in your direction.
I finally just turned around to my shadows and said, “Isn’t there something else you’d rather see?  like in the sporting goods department?”
If I’d really been thinking I would have just headed to the bra and panties section… they’d have left in a hurry!
But they did that guy thing.
They’d talk and loop around three aisles and come back and check on me.  They’d talk and loop around four more aisles and come back.  Talk.  Loop. Return.
This boomerang shopping was unnerving me.
I picked up a dark green glass soap dispenser.  It was beautiful.  It was classy.  It’d look good in my new bathroom… except the pump was the dark bronze (which I love) and my faucets, etc are satin nickel (which evidently, Vernon loves, because he bought them).
Who cares?  I could live with that.
The Boomerang Boys looked at me.  Looked at the price tag.  Not a word was said.  I put it back.  Daniel says “If you like it, you should get it.”
Somehow, the joy was gone.
I hate shopping with guys.
I left Target with NOTHING.  I’ve just ridden in a pickup for 4 hours.  Picked one store.  Zoomed through it.  They had nothing I wanted besides a soap dispenser.  Target Had Failed Me.
Back into the pickup.  Daniel wants to hit the Best Buy store to browse tvs.  He’s thinking BIG TV.  I let him quiz the clerks, I’m looking for the cool infrared thing Dori mentioned in my comments the other day.  The one that lets you leave the doors closed on your entertainment center, but you can still run things with your remotes.
Guess what?  Best Buy fails in that department!
BUT, I found ONE and only ONE little portable CD/cassette/radio unit.  YAY!  My other one finally died after many years… and yes, I still have cassettes.  They work.  It’s good music…
Back again into the Dodge…
Walmart.  <sigh>  I didn’t ask to go.  I would have been ok with my failed attempt at Target.  But the Boomerang Boys were going to go pick up the trailer… and that gave me a few more minutes of unsupervised shopping.
By golly, ol’ Walmart had the stuff I wanted.  I shopped until they found me and I stopped and we left and that’s how my shopping goes.
I can’t imagine shopping daily… or weekly for that matter… not that I want to… but I have to admit, it would be less sticker shock if I did it more often!  I have a few more new exciting things for the Mills Place… but no dark green glass soap dispenser…
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