I know this happens periodically around here…
My mind goes a bazillion different ways.
Maybe because we’ve worked cattle and moved cattle.
We’ve played in the snow.
We’ve gone to town (I know, big woohoo to you city folk, but hey, it *can* be exciting… plus I have a new haircut! <batseyelashes>
I have moved a few little boxes to the Mills Place in basic preparation for a MOVE… yes, a MOVE!
We’ve been working on a few projects at the Mills Place, though without any finishing photos because… uh… they’re not FINISHED!
None of which seems to be worthy of a full post.
Plus, gee… somehow I failed to mention I’m working again at the Ten Sleep Library!  Only one day a week… but it gives me play money… or as Dave Ramsey would encourage me… *SAVINGS* money.
So… I’m thinking…
whatshouldItaketotheMillsPlace and didIgiveElsaherpainpill and shouldIreallyorderthosecabinetpullsfromWorldMarket and geeIhavetohangmytowelracksinmybathroomstill and thephonecompanyandDishNetworkinstallersarecomingFriday and whatamIwearingtoworktomorrow and oopsIstillforgottomailsomestufftoday and IreallyshouldbewashingdishesinsteadofwatchingMikeRowe and ifIputmypotsandpansinthatcabinetwheredoIputmymixingbowls and seriouslywhatcanIwriteaboutwithmymindtakingvacation?
And for those of you wondering what kind of tracks we ran across yesterday…
I believe them to be…
Bigger than fox, light enough to walk on the snow, short step, no tail sign, no claws, catlike changes in gait and pattern.
On the other hand, there was Boomer… easy to track with his one bad leg that doesn’t bend well…
Hang in here with me folks, there’s a lot happening in the next few days…
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