Today I began a class offered in Ten Sleep entitled Master Cattleman.  It is put on by our Extension Office in cooperation with the University of Wyoming.  It is an 8 week course… 3 hours every Thursday… on different topics ranchers might be interested in to improve their operation.  (Check with your state to see if they offer it as well!)

Today was the preliminary goal setting and risk management…  which is slightly entertaining since ranching is such a risky business on an everyday level…  but it was covered well by our teacher.  Each week is led by a different expert.
We’re on the lookout for new ideas but, honestly, ranchers are pretty conservative people, and you’ve got to have a Good Solid Idea, well thought out and inexpensive, before you’ll convince most of us to change!  I don’t think that is a surprise to anyone!
Change comes slowly out here… but that process has stood the Greets in good stead for 122 years here south of Ten Sleep… and helped us last that long.
Way back when, having any black hide on this ranch was just not going to happen… now we breed to Angus bulls all the time.
We used to wonder at the idea of selling cattle over the internet… now we’ve done it for years.
We do so much on the computer… and are checking into a wireless booster to see if we could go wireless at the corral/scale house as well as have a “calf cam” to watch our heifers’ calving process.  How that would amaze the first generation that lived here!  If any of you know anything about wireless boosters… please contact us!
Those Wordless Wednesdays???
I know you haven’t missed me since we don’t normally talk anyway, but I thought I’d throw in a photo or two or three about what I’m working on those days…  I now work at the library on Wednesdays.
This Wednesday it was a foggy drive to town… the cloud lay in the Nowood Valley along the creek so it was clear/fog/clear/fog/clear/fog all the way into town according to your elevation.
In this photo, you can see above and below the cloud…

Here’s my destination point… the little Ten Sleep Library!  It’s such a hub of activity, I think you’d be amazed!  Sometime I’ll give you a tour, but I was so busy this past Wednesday… I barely got to sit down all day long… I didn’t have time to take interior shots!

And, oh, before I go, a heads up warning…
We’re moving our phone, internet, and tv to the Mills Place tomorrow!!!  Yes, though it’s not finished nor clean nor full of our stuff *yet*… we’ll be setting up our electronics there!
Hopefully, everything will work… and I won’t miss an entry tomorrow night… but should it happen… you’ll know why!  If everything works… I’ll be blogging from the Indian Room tomorrow night!
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