What I Have To Work With…


That’s my imitation of a fog horn… and boy! did we need one today!
Fog set in and STAYED.
All Day.
All DAY!
How weird is that?
Wyoming’s not known for fog… moisture in the air just doesn’t happen that often…
But we were proud recipients today!
I’m still on Pitching Duty, so I bundled up and off I went…
Where  WERE those dad blasted cows?
THERE you are!

fog cows

Amazing, huh?
I actually DID take some video today, but will have to turn it into a movie tomorrow when I have more time.
I was even a poorer pitcher today… We were smart and took the axe to the bale BEFORE we took off… but there was another bale with dirt cementing the bottom… so Johnny had to make another little loop to give me more time to pitch.
Look what I have to work with!
Yeah, that’s what I said!
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