I can tell this halfway living in two houses at once is gonna get difficult.
My computer’s here, but I was there, and when I WAS here, I was busy.
Got it?
That’s my Excuse For The Day and I’m sticking with it.
A frozen bale and a loose grass bale with a dirt bottom, just did me in today.
I’m going along…
pitching my hay…
fighting with the two troublesome bales…
but I did it.
Then I go home…
brew up a hot cuppa…
sit on the couch and read some Vince Flynn for a bit.
Then I try to stand.
I tried.
It hurt.
Big Time.
Man alive, my back HURT!
Wuss that I am, that extra fighting with the bales this morning was more than I could take once I cooled down and sat still.
I’m VERYVERY glad son Daniel has returned, so he can pitch tomorrow!
With all of that for an excuse, there will be no video tonight.  I’m gonna go take a hot shower… and another advil or two… and call it good.
It is supposed to be ghastly cold the next few days, so I may be hiding out in this house with tv and internet available.  If so, I’ll be able to cut and create a video or two out of my movies I took the other day.  They’ll be suspenseful, folks… Pure ONTHEEDGEOFYOURSEAT action, I’m sure!  Either that or they’ll be tractor slow feeding videos that a few of you might find mildly interesting…
It was another FOGGY day this morning… the sun started to break through just about the time we finished…  and a few sundogs peeked out and woofed at us!
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