Feeding One Video

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Vimeo gets my Feeding One video ready to go before I have to go “home” tonight.  I got a late start editing and it really is probably too long for most of you to watch… but it was *quit editing and get it uploaded* or forget about it until Thursday…

We were at -31 this morning, so I was extra thrilled Daniel was back on the job… I do believe it got up to ZERO for a high… but we only received a skiff of snow and basically no wind!  YAY!  I just love missing out on blizzards!

My back is tender but it works… I took my time rolling around this morning!

Since January is finished… already!… it’s time for another Question and Answer session!  Previous months’ Q&As are listed on the left sidebar, but if there’s a NEW question out there… SEND ‘EM MY WAY!  C’MON, YOU LURKERS, ASK ME A QUESTION!  Don’t be shy!

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