Today was my Master Cattleman class again… this time it was on budgeting.  Yeah, one of those classes where you need to pay attention (I did) but inside you’re dreading having to deal with money!

I told Vernon years ago… I’m no good with money.
I *could* be… but just don’t want to deal with it.
He’s got the mind for it.
This is one area where I’ll declare my ignorance.
It’s a blissful place.
Ranching is definitely a small business… but I’m more the creative director and lower level staff… not the brains behind the money!  My kids are good at money as well…
I’ll just stay over here in la-la land…
Thanks to the Master Cattleman class, though, I now own a humongous three ring binder, a cd, and usb drive… all full of interesting budget stuff!
I will share with my family.
And should I ever need to read myself to sleep… 
I have plenty of material…

Yesterday’s photo one day later… shows how Jack Frost got blasted by small blizzard conditions… that’s snow driven sideways on the sagebrush!
Keep those Questions coming!  Answers will be on Saturday night!
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