Delicate Poo

Compared to the greyness of yesterday…

intensified by my use of black and white photography…
today was almost a painful blue…
The first shot, I was really looking at Daniel in the rearview…
the second, at our shadow on the creek ice.
They are almost exactly in the same spot… pretty good for a moving tractor… while watching I don’t stab a cow with the loader…
The breeze was a little stiffer too, so my periods of photography (except from inside my cab) were short and sweet.  -11 and wind chill froze my bare fingers tootoo fast!
The weather fairies were busy overnight… and I found the most delicate decorations.  Had it been a touch warmer and/or had I had on another layer and warm gloves… I would have spent time photographing tiny treasures.
“Come here, Daniel, look at this!”
“I see it.”
“It’s gorgeous, come here.”
“I can see from here.”
He shuffles over and peers down.
I’m almost nose to uh, ummm, patty, or should it be nose to pie?
How about nose to poo?
I’m sure he thinks I’m the strangest mother EVER…
But, honestly… have you ever seen more delicate poo?
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