It was an absolutely gorgeous day… and I let it get away from me.

Emptying boxes from the other place…
fitting into the available space
visiting with Brandon who has journeyed here from Laramie…
Then I ran down to a basketball game because if there is one game you should watch each season, it’s when Ten Sleep plays the St. Stephen’s Eagles from the Wind River Reservation.  More on that tomorrow.
But I think I shall explode if I don’t take my dogs for a long walk soon…
How do people work inside all the time and *never* have a release in the fresh air?  I think I’m about ready for one of those days where I just leave.  Take my dogs.  Some food.  A book.  Wander.  Hike a draw.  Search for fossils and arrowheads.  (Which will be a challenge since there’s still over a foot of snow on most of the ground.)  Have a day when I don’t worry about having meals ready on time or having actually accomplished something productive.
Meditate in the silence.
Listen to the whistle of goose wings through the sky.
Watch the dogs scent and dig and run and return.
Paint or sketch or read or just be.
Now I get it.
I have my first case of the season.
It was forty five degrees out today and I have spring fever.
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