Smiling Here

This curtain thing is gonna kill me.
Vernon would live in a cave… I want lots of light and visibility.
How do you blend those two desires into one?
Well, I’m trying some dark chocolate lined curtains with sheers in between.  I had hoped to be able to pull them to the outside of the window, so during the day I wouldn’t lose any light… but I bought one rod too short to do that… and have, of course, thrown away the packaging.
Plus my measurement, taken by myself… was WAY off and now I have more holes to patch and paint over.
I apologize, Lord, for all those bad words I said…
But, my one goal for the day…
hanging curtain rods…
is still about how it was this morning.
I got so frustrated I just left it all.
I took my dogs for a walk this afternoon, brushed them out a tad, laughed as they lay *IN* the creek (there’s still 12″ of snow, but it was 48* today and they were HOT), and trained on them against crossing the cattleguard onto the highway.
Fairly unproductive day, I’d say… apart from the two meals I cooked and cleaned up after…
Well, we have 10 days before we’ll start watching our heifers for calving season… I should enjoy unproductive days while I can!
Dally did… I do believe she is smiling here…
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