In the Mood for Babies

Well, we have babies!

Two as a matter of fact!
No pictures simply because I wasn’t told about them until after 6 pm when Vernon arrived home for supper.  Honestly, I was at the Master Cattleman class again so I wouldn’t have been around anyway…
We’ll see if they start poppin’… and they probably will since it is supposed to be very cold and windy!  I might be spending some quality time there… who knows?
I have my camera charged.
I have library books.
I have *you* to keep informed!
And really… everyone wants to see some cutesy widdle calfie-poohs, right?
Don’t despair…
this scene is *definitely* in our future!
If you’re REALLY in the mood for babies… check out some of my videos from years past on vimeo.


February 24, 2009   Spring Day
February 24, 2008   Calving Season

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