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Victoria’s been here the past few days…

and I’ve drawn her into my decorating dilemma.
She’s helped hold a picture or two… and confirmed that I should just hammer those nails into the plaster!
She’s actually had an *opinion* unlike the guys, whose answers of “I don’t know.” do NOT help nor inspire me.
She’s contemplated placement and height, colors and topics.
I love that.
She’s helping me out by providing some great black and white photography of hers for my bedroom.
I’m already a proud owner of these in 8x10s… for which I am searching for frames and mats.
Then this poster will join in.
Then with all this chocolate binding me to earth tones, I might have to insert turquoise just for flash!
But this week will be internet shopping… and perhaps starting some priming on the *downstairs*!  Things are kind of cooking along here… more stuff is getting moved… photos will appear when I’m closer to completion!
Right now, I’m taking all tips and pointers and links.
I love western decor… this is a ranch after all.
I want some greyish striped woven horse blankets.
I want some cool upholstery tacks for a project.
I want some large leather look lampshades.
I want some turquoise (sky blue NOT greenish) accent pieces.
I want one nice framed fossil to put in my bathroom.
I want help and opinions and cool websites and catalogs.
I want Inspiration!
Here ya go, folks… shop away and comment all the links you can find!
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