Dog Training Tip 1

People ask me dog training tips quite often.  Maybe because, on occasion, my dogs do behave wonderfully well.  It’s not a permanent state, though… and I take the blame for it.  There are some things my dogs do fairly well… others… like being anti-social with other dogs… I haven’t DIScouraged, simply because of where I live.

I was very happy when those two loose border collies didn’t cross the creek and get into our calves last year.  They continued down the creek and unfortunately killed some sheep and alpacas instead.  My anti-social dogs did their job.
One thing people ask me about is pulling on the leash.  I see this once in a while.  Most people out here are more worried about their dogs staying in the pickup than walking politely on a leash!
I came up with a great little harness for training your dog not to pull you down the street in front of the entire neighborhood.
I’ve had it for sale in my Red Dirt Shop for months, and today, decided, whattheheck! I was going to do an informercial on it!
So, without a script… without help… with only one hand to run the camera and one hand to demonstrate… I made a video.
If you don’t have a dog that pulls or a dog at all, it’s worth the watch.  I mean, seriously!  what was I thinking?  This is why I didn’t compete in extemp in speech class!
Um.  Um.  Um.
I watch it and Just Laugh!
There’s my inability to find the correct vocabulary.
There’s Dally nosing around and Elsa strolling by and bumping my video hand.
There’s bad videography because it takes TWO hands to click the harness together and “I am not two people, I am just one.”
How *stoopid* does *that* sound?
Then I totally mess up my words about putting the harness behind their hind legs.  Well, it would just fall off their tail then, wouldn’t it, Carol?
On the serious side, I have seen this harness work.
I sell them in my shop.
They are sewn by a friend of mine with quality material.
I have only blue ones and only in medium size.
If I can sell some, I’ll make more in a larger size (that would fit labradors and larger chested dogs).
Someday, I’ll make a Serious Infomercial with a script and help and a dog that actually pulls on the leash instead of just sitting there… and we’ll all yell “BOOOORRRRRRING!”.
P. S.  Vernon came up with the name Humane Restrain.  I told him it should be Restraint.  I know the difference between verbs and nouns.  Since he is the overpaid Marketing Director, I caved.


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