What Say You?


Spent all day in Worland.
Spent an embarrassing amount on groceries.
Spent too much on dog food.
Spent lots of enjoyable time visiting with Ten Sleep people I haven’t seen for a while…  took me FOREVER to make it through the grocery store!
Spent NOTHING at the thrift stores… which is a bummer because I’m looking for rugs/carpet for the Billiard Room downstairs, both to warm it up and decrease some of the echoing noise of pool!  Plus I want a little table to repaint and put a chess board on top of… One that costs about $5.00.  One those wet rings from Bud Light cans won’t ruin… it’ll just add “character”!
BUT!  The FIND of the day…
This is “Maggie and Nightstorm” by Nancy Cawdrey from Bigfork, Montana.
I’ve always liked this fun style, but most are just WAY too colorful to blend into my rooms… but honestly, this one is toned down and more rusts and blue with smidges of turquoise.
I’m REALLY thinking about this one.  I haven’t bought it yet… I’m checking on frames… honestly?  $500 to mat and frame it?  Yeah… let me work on that!  I think I can come up with an alternative…
Everything else I’m thinking of hanging is still “milder”… very serene… feather prints from Shreve at Daily Coyote… my Wyoming archaeology poster.
But this one GRABBED me.
I always thought I’d try for one of Anne Hanson‘s paintings out of Shell, Wyoming.  Her realistic cowgirls and dogs are a favorite… but I must say… I want her to do one with Lucas!!!!  How can I put a *Border Collie* on my wall?
Then, there’s long lost Michael Kite.  Did I tell you about him?  I worked with him yeeeeeaaaaaaars ago… He was an archaeologist, not an artist… but he was amazing… Native American paintings that I just LOVED and he didn’t think they’d sell.  I lost contact, and now, I’d love to have one of his paintings… but I don’t know where or how to find him!
The store actually had the Robert Duncan print I wrote about here.  I think I’ll have to get it and put it in my bedroom.
But back to “Maggie and Nightstorm”… what do you think?
Too bright?
Too Out Of Character?
If I can make my “Rimrock Roundup” by Barbara Schaffner look better in the living room, it could go there and Maggie could be in my dining room with the other rusts I have there…
Oh, decisions, decisions…. I need your HELP!
What say you?
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