Webcam Update

I should have entitled this The Trials and Tribulations of Having a Webcam Update.

The camera installed easily.
The wireless antenna worked flawlessly.
Daniel could watch the calving shed from his house within minutes.
I could watch the shed from the library, or Toria could watch it in Kaycee, or anyone one else could… except us and Johnny.
Which was a problem.
Seeing as how *we* were the ones REALLY needing to see this!
Daniel became Head Troubleshooter.
He called the camera people and the DVR people and the telephone company and he’d have called Santa Claus if he could have helped.
It was VERY frustrating for him.
Vernon and I didn’t even go there.
There is a reason you have children… isn’t it to work on the newest technology for you?
To make a long story short… check to see if you have old switches in your phone lines before you do this.  If you do… you have to buy, yes, *buy* a static IP address so it isn’t blocked by your older switches.  Evidently we were due to get some new switches, but we were pushed back for some place with a higher population… imagine that.
But tonight…
within minutes of downloading the software…
I watched a calf being born and Vernon’s post partum ministrations from 4 miles away.
Over the internet.
How *COOL* is that?
This live feed was taken IN THE DARK with infrared lighting… so you don’t have to leave the lights on in the shed all night.
Had we forked over even MORE money we could have had a moveable camera… but… well, we have our limits.
So… if you just want to see it in your house (Daniel’s is over 600′ away from the calving shed)… this setup works great.
If you need to post it to the internet… you may or may not have a few roadblocks in your way.  You better have had a computer minded child about 22 years ago…
Thanks, Dandy!
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