Traffic Report

Now for Wyoming State Highway 434…
Traffic appears to be light today with surface conditions favorable.  From milemarker 17 north to 15 you will find a few fresh patties, but otherwise dry…
There are a few cattle northbound but WDOT doesn’t believe it will slow down your work commute for longer than 4 – 10 minutes, depending on how well you know the cowboys.
Our traffic eye in the sky is Durango7… let’s go to the WDOT cam and see how it looks out there.
What a great day to drive to work!
No bumper to bumper traffic to deal with today.  All lanes are HOV lanes!
It looks like clear sailing all the way to Ten Sleep.  Keep an eye on the barrow ditches for deer to avoid any accidents.
Now let’s go over to the weather desk to hear about those scattered showers headed our way…
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