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So, the dog owners were happy…
Hustler seemed ready for Round Two immediately…
Dally sent the confusing signs of “yes, I wanna” right along with “no way, Jose!”
We took a little walk, discussing dogs and goats and livestock, hoping to let Dally wrap her little mind around what had happened and if it could happen again…
Two ties would have made me *extremely* happy… but an hour and a half passed…
I had on a tshirt, sweatshirt, jacket, and my light Carhartt… but I hadn’t counted on it being *quite * so cold, so I’d left my coveralls at home.  Derek, the smart one, had his on.
I was indecisive.
One tie should do it… Lucas had fathered two litters on single ties.
But I traveled all this way…
But if I left now… I could make it back to Casper easily that night.
Can you tell some decisions are DIFFICULT for  me to make?
Since Hustler has fathered a litter of crossbred pups before, I didn’t doubt his abilities… and I had just witnessed his style and success…
I decided to risk it, and settle for one tie.  Waiting for more hours would cost me a motel room and dinner or driving late into the night…  I lean towards the “if it’s meant to happen, it will” department.
Derek and I shook hands, laughed one more time, and I told him as soon as I knew it took, I’d let him know…
Derek headed east.  I headed west.
Now begins the waiting game.
Did you know if you could create a doggie pregnancy test you’d make TONS of money?
Yeah, folks, buy your DPT right here!  Find out the truth about that shadowy pit bull down the street and your priceless poodle… just a few minutes of your time and you’ll be thrilled the next litter of world-class pooches is on their way!  The DPT is easily read, the puppy pad turns green if it’s a go, red if things didn’t work out… just get your dog to pee on the mat and the results are instantaneous!  The DPT sells for $39.95 plus shipping and handling, not available in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, or Georgia.  DPT makes no claims about the purebred status of the litter.  Offer good until Thursday.  Call now 800-Dog-PeGe.
I’d buy one.
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