Highway 20 Views

The thing I enjoy the most while traveling, is just to see how other people live.

Now, granted… central Nebraska is not that far removed from central Wyoming…
but I still noticed a few things.
Like this house.
What’s the story?
Somehow, these people wanted to shout their patriotism to everyone.  I like the sentiment, but still don’t think I could do this for a long period of time…
Then there’s this.
I’m guessing a man camp from the ’60’s???
Don’t know for sure… you can’t see the far side… yes, more trailers.
Show those guys in the oil field this man camp, and I bet they’d be VERY grateful for the one they’re currently in!
This one made me say… “Ahhhhhh.”
What a *CUTE* little place!
Ever since Michael Martin Murphey sang about the “little yellow house, far from the highway, tucked away like a good night’s sleep…”  I’ve felt a fondness for yellow houses.  But I’ve never painted mine yellow!  And this one looks like it “would talk in its sleep…”
I really enjoyed driving Highway 20…
there’s more to come tomorrow!
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