First Campfire

I was all prepared to share more unique sights in Nebraska… then it was late and I thought, well, I’ll just show ’em some First Campfire scenes and then go to bed…
But this I have to share.
Remember, how I worked to come to terms with my (seemingly) lack of readership and felt sorry for myself, blahblahblah, then I seemed to gain control of myself and move forward??? Yeah, long story full of self pity and not pretty in the least…
But I still (on rare occasion) check my stats on this blog.
March 2011 goes into the record books!
FOREVER I have wanted to break the 15,000 readers in a month ceiling… guess what???
I had 21,483 hits last month!!!!!!!!!!
Whoa, baby!
And I know I shouldn’t… but I did… I tried to figure out *why*.
I received 8378 hits on March 12.  That entry was on walking my dogs down the highway.  The one the day before on the 11th… on some awesome western art… The next one, on the 13th, was the Stylish Blogger Award.  Could it be because I passed it forward??
I have no clue.
I’m pretty sure Shreve didn’t mention me, which is usually when I get blasted with hits.
So… can anyone figure out WHY that happened?  I’d sure like to do it again!  But most of all, I’d like to thank you, my steady steady readers, because I think I haven’t thanked you enough lately for your nice comments and support!  While the Big Hits are Fun, it’s you and your comments that keep me coming back… and I KNOW that!
Which leads me into the April edition of Questions and Answers … just plop that ol’ question in the comments and I’ll answer ’em next Thursday.
Just FYI, I can’t find the lyrics to “Yellow House” by Michael Martin Murphey either… may have to see if it’s on the album up at the other house…
Back to tonight’s hot dog laden First Campfire…
April 1, 2010   Blooming Snow
April 1, 2008   No entry.

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