Friends of the Ten Sleep Library

It’s a busy few weeks at the Ten Sleep Library and seeing as how I was recently elected president of the Friends of the TSL… I’m busy promoting.

First I gave a Pysanky class… Ukrainian egg decorating… and charged $5 to benefit the Friends.  It was a good time, with 10 participants and just as many who regretted missing it for whatever reason!
Then Saturday we had Cheryl Wright author of High Country Herbs, High Country Veggies and High Country Tomato Handbook .  If you’re a gardener in the Rockies, these books are for you.  It was a great, casual, informative event and the 18 people who attended were inspired!  
This week we have Gene Gagliano coming… His latest book, Dee and the Mammoth, is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!  The artist, Zach Pullen, was a student teacher at a camp my kids attended at Casper College, back in the day.  We’ll be giving away the book with a $15 minimum donation to the Friends.  Then Thursday night, Mr. Gagliano will be giving a Writer’s Workshop for those of us who try our hand at writing!  
Then Saturday starts our Annual Book Sale!  A week of buying books… doesn’t get much better than that.  So for those of you within driving distance, consider yourselves notified!

Any other ideas for speakers out there?  The Friends hope to bring more interesting and inspiring people here to benefit Ten Sleep and we’re open for suggestions!  And if you’d like to join us in the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library… we welcome new members!
Don’t forget… Questions now, Answers Thursday.
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