Other Muse

I’ve got the hankering for pysanky!

After my classes…
and a friend posting hers on facebook…
and seeing my link for last year’s trypillian egg…
That’s all I want to do is sit and smell that melted wax and create!
Instead, today, I sorted and cleaned and painted and organized and raked some leaves before the wind picked up.  
But the house is quiet and I’m cutting this short… I’m going to go light my candle and smell that beeswax and lean into the designs so that they are infused with my creative spirit.
And I’ll share a pic Thursday!  
I already have another chosen for Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.
I do believe we’re vaccinating heifers tomorrow too… so cow pics on the way as well!
So, forgive me, but my other Muse is calling!
Don’t forget… send in your questions for Thursday’s Q&A session!


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