Well, over at that famous supposedly pioneer lady’s blog… she has a photography contest about “Brothers” this week.

Between my two boys… I *KNOW* I have some good shots (and memories).
Like the time they were toddlers and were playing in the mud and got their boots STUCK in the muck… and screamed for help.  They couldn’t budge without losing a boot in the mud… it was SO FUNNY!  Wait, I had the videocamera for that.  No picture.
What about all those times zooming around the herd on their respective ponies?  Yup.  No picture.
How about playing football together?  Oh, yeah, pics… #7 and #77… can’t see their faces… No good picture.
How about driving their cars… their pride and joys?  Individually… no picture of them together.
How about when I got them flights on a little two seater airplane for graduation?  Again… individually.  <sigh>
Working in the corral?
One here.
One there.
How have I *done* this all these years???
How can they be so close in age and yet???? not together!
They’ve ALWAYS been together.
I found two.
This one… my sister took… Her two boys and my two boys… cousins going crazy after moving cattle all day.
Yes, they are standing on their saddles.  Except for C., who seems to be the smart one of the bunch… he is standing on the GROUND.
And then, I found this one… and I sent it over to be tossed into the DEEPDEEP pool of photos on that website.
I LIKE this one… my boys holding a calf being branded with the good ol’ A bar A by their grandfather.  It probably won’t make her cut… but it made a point with me.  Beware, boys, next time you’re together… your dear sweet mom is gonna make you pose TOGETHER for multiple photos… brudders til the end…
I love you too.
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