My Saddle Hurts

I’m paying for my winter of inactivity… ouchy.

As we say out here…
“My saddle hurts.”
We sorted off some of our babies and their mommas and kicked them out onto green grass today…
Three people.  Three horses.  Three dogs.
I think we probably all need advil, or bute, or aspirin.
I’m gonna go grab mine… Lucas has already had his.
From 11:30 to 7 we’ve been going.  Thank goodness Daniel was there to cover for me.  We’d had a big wreck if Daniel wasn’t there…
Panama and I are slow… especially since Panama actually humped up on me, that dirty rat!  We were going to turn a cow back into the bunch and his head went down and I thought, “wha-?” and the hump appeared and I changed to “&^%$#$, don’t you try and buck me off!”  Only his second time out this spring and he was feeling good, I guess.  Daniel did a zillion times more work… he zooms… I jog.  I get the job done most of the time, just not in a speedy way!
So, in order to speed up switching my position to supine, here’s a photo of today…
Just look at all that grass!
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