It rained off and on all morning, putting down what I think must have been a good amount.  I need to buy a rain gauge for up here, because we get very different weather here even though we’re only 4 miles from Johnny’s NOAA weather station.

Vernon actually thought he wouldn’t be able to haul hay or check the water in the badlands, which was our original plans for today, simply because it was going to be too muddy to travel the roads.  There was less rain at the old place, so he DID haul hay, and then gave me a call to meet up and journey out to the badlands allotment.
We’ll be kicking cattle out here soon, and this is actually the first chance we’ve had to check the fences, see the water situation, and look at the grass.
One thing I enjoy about the badlands… perspective.
Big Country.
Big Mountains.
Big Distances.
Even though it is so big, it’s the small stuff that matters.
Conclusion:  There’s lots of old feed in this pasture with the new coming… slowly… one blade at a time!
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